Contract staffing

Our strength, contract hiring, also known as contingent or temporary hiring is a flexible employment arrangement where organizations engage qualified professionals for a specific project duration or workload surge. By leveraging contract hiring, our clients gain access to specialised skills and expertise without the long term commitment of a permanent hire. This approach offers flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency, as companies can quickly adjust their workforce to meet changing demands. Partnering with Terastar for contract hiring allows our clients to fill short term gaps, manage seasonal fluctuations and complete specific projects without the overhead costs associated with permanent employees. It enables businesses into a diverse talent pool ensuring access to the right skills when needed, maximising productivity and driving organizational success.


Functional capabilities include:

A Digital Experience in Customer Engagement

Reduced Time to Market with Unified Product Catalogue

Enhanced Profiling with Inbuilt Customer Repository

Online System Assurance based on stream processing

Concurrently ICP caters to the needs of both online and offline charging based on use of bearer / session / event / service. Apart from the core functionality of rating and charging, ICP includes functions and features towards Customer, Product & Offer Management.

It is a solution enabling packaging of Single or Multiple Services with flexible tariffing options based on current and future models and most importantly simple and consistent interaction with customers.

The architecture not only ensures agility and reliability but ensures that the mission critical needs of a new age Converged Rating (prepay & postpay) & Unified (multiple services) system is addressed with a minimal footprint that inherently manages scaling and redundancy.

ICP/ OCS is a complete End to End engagement solution not just addressing the needs of Rating & Charging. The system caters to the needs right from onboarding and creating account; to product selection from published catalogue through self-care; to real-time usage reporting as notifications; to payments online or with vouchers/Electronic top-up to retentions through campaigns and promotions; to customer care through online customer tracker and reporting.

OSS & BSS solution provides data such as network performance information and network availability, which enables the operators to proactively manage networks as well as systems to deliver positive user experience.

Terastar solutions include:

Network configuration & provisioning, Fault management, Inventory management, Post/Pre-Paid systems, and Service Request management.

Service provisioning, Order management, Product management, Subscription management, Revenue management (billing), Delivery of services administration.

Increase in complexities in communication network ecosystem due to the 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies pose different challenges. Terastar Networks is equipped to use the latest cloud technologies, data analytics and machine learning systems to provide detailed insights into operational requirements and improved predictions of the future performance.


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